our hero

This is Leslie. Leslie was born on October 13th, 1986, to a banker mother named Lyn, and an artist father named Robin. She was born in and lived out most of her life in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has a brother named Chris, who is precisely 7 years, 8 months, & 1 day older than she is. Chris and his wife Jenny live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, while Leslie lives in London, United Kingdom. The decision to move overseas didn’t come lightly to Leslie; she first visited the city that would eventually become her home when she was 19 going on 20, and it took her over six years (and a second visit at the age of 24 going on 25) to finally relocate to this place that struck her as being so much better than anywhere else. This relocation is the reason this blog came to exist.

The first things that strangers generally notice about Leslie are her height (approximately 6’4″), and her hair (rainbow). The latter comes as a result of the former; Leslie figures if people are going to look at her anyway, she may as well give them something to look at. Her natural hair colour of brown has always bored her tremendously, and she’s been dying her hair since she was in her early teens (her hair is very, very dried out now, as you might imagine). She likes bright colours, sequins, and leopard print. She absolutely loves playing with makeup, and wishes she had the dedication to wear it every day, but sleep often wins.

Leslie’s favourite thing in life is comedy, and she’s currently trying to psych herself up to try out her own material. And by “currently” she means currently. At the exact moment you’re reading this, she’s almost definitely thinking about it, and feeling petrified. She won’t always feel petrified, though. One of these days she’ll feel foolishly brave enough to get in front of a crowd. Just you wait and see…!


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